Goodbye Productions is a film partnership founded in 2015 by three friends who met in film school.

Carson Roach-Howell is a recent graduate of the Film Studies program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, born and raised in Cary, North Carolina. Since high school, he has been interested the storytelling and science behind filmmaking. His skillset is varied, from sound design to directing to writing to editing. He invests himself completely in his work -- dedicating his mind to the project at hand. He’s also obsessed with the big questions that film, and art in general, aim to answer.


Joseph Bye graduated from UNC-Wilmington from High Point, North Carolina, pursuing a major in Film Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. Having no film experience back in his hometown of High Point, North Carolina, he followed his passions and challenged himself to learn every element of filmmaking. After working on countless student projects, he found his specialty is Assistant Directing and Producing, although he is willing to work any position. His goal is to be a creative producer that directs his own projects on the side.


Kenneth Freyer is a third year film student at UNC Wilmington from Mocksville, North Carolina. After spending most of middle school and high school filming silly short films with his cousin on a cheap camcorder, he decided to pursue film as a career. He has worked on many different styles of films, and has found his biggest passions to be camera and editing. His future goal is to travel the world with non-profit organizations, filming their efforts and mission trips, capturing the beauty of God in every shot.


These three amigos have truly inspired me. They continue to go forward with such aplomb. Get ready to say ‘Hello’ to Goodbye!
— Terry Linehan, Professor & Filmmaker

What We've Achieved

  • Kilted Lions (Feature Documentary Film) - Created by Goodbye Productions 
  • Official Selection: Eastern North Carolina Film Festival 2014 - Sidewalk (2014)
  • Deadbeat (Narrative Short Film) - Created by Goodbye Productions
  • Official Selection: My RØDE REEL 2014 - Sidewalk (2014)