At Goodbye Productions, we always try to stay busy by staying involved in as many projects as we think we can handle. Check out some of our past projects below, and stay tuned for updates on current ones.

Narrative Films

Deadbeat (2016) 

Deadbeat is a narrative film directed by our very own Carson Roach-Howell and produced alongside UNCW's Flicker Film Society. When 23-year old Oscar Bates is slain by a car one night, he returns to haunt his hard working and depressed roommate Fred.

For updates and more check out the Official Deadbeat Facebook page. To be completed in early 2016.

Sidewalk (2014)

Our first production -- created before Goodbye was even formed -- was a four minute short about depression, anxiety and the moral consequences of social pressure. From the mind of Joseph Bye -- Sidewalk!


Documentary Films

Kilted Lions (2016)

From Ted Leger, the founder of the Highland Games League, and Goodbye Productions comes Kilted Lions -- a feature-length documentary following the first ever HGL "Warrior Series" -- a series of Scottish games throughout the southeast. Featuring music from Pictus. Coming soon.